Our Ingredients

We think it’s important to mix the best of both worlds.  We bring together British ingredients with unique imported Korean products to give you the most authentic Korean flavour.  In style with all restaurants in Korea, here we list where our products are from.

  • Pork – British – From farms in Surrey and Hampshire
  • Beef – British – From farms in Surrey and Hampshire
  • Salad items/Vegetables – British
  • Kimchi – British/Korean – A combination of cabbages and radishes grown in the UK with special pastes and sauces from Korea
  • Side Dishes – British/Korean
  • Tofu – British
  • Rice – Korean
  • Soy bean paste -Korean
  • Chilli Paste – Korean
  • Chilli Flakes – Korean
  • Soju/Hite beer – Korean

In the future we hope to be able to tell you more about our suppliers, so that you can see how your meal came from the farm to your plate!

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