Annyeonghaseyo – 안녕하세요

Daegu Tom is a Guildford, Surrey based Korean events and catering business offering the authentic Korean dining experience.  A combination of fantastic, fresh and locally sourced British ingredients mixed with imported Korean ingredients.

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Korean BBQ Woking

We offer:

  • Korean BBQ and at table events and catering.
    • All equipment & preparation.
  • An at table Korean cooking and dining experience.
    • You can get involved with the cooking!  We’ll help you so that you have the best meal possible.
  • Authentic Korean barbecue and group dining meals.
  • Korean ‘Sul’ Food
    • Pairing fantastic Korean food with the traditional alcohol for an authentic dining experience.
    • *Sul is the Korean word for alcohol.

Our Beliefs:

  • To help introduce people to Korean food and drink culture.
  • A simple menu of dishes that traditionally go together.
  • Offer the authentic flavour of Korea with the use of fantastic British and Korean products.
  • To never compromise on customer service and the dining experience.

About Daegu Tom

Having lived in Korea for nearly 4 years, Tom wanted to bring the Korean dining experience back to England. With recommended set menus and helpful staff we hope to offer you the Korean experience without the jet lag.