About us

Daegu Tom was started by Thomas Etherington.  Tom lived in South Korea for nearly 4 years, working as an English teacher but also studied Korean language at university in the capital, Seoul.  Tom quickly started to love Korean food and Korean food and drink culture.

From dining with friends, he experienced all of the dishes we prepare through to some slightly unusual dishes, such as spicy chicken feet, raw prawns and even octopus so fresh it was still wriggling on the plate.

After coming back to the UK Tom realised Korean food was under represented.  Whilst there are a growing number of places to enjoy Korean food, Tom felt that they lacked the dining environment which was so unique to Korea.  With long confused menus covering nearly every dish, rather than like in Korea where restaurants focused on 2 or 3 main items.

Daegu Tom’s dining experience hopes to offer authentic set menus of dishes that pair dishes and drinks together correctly.  We offer you the Korean experience without the jet lag.

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