We offer set menus to be enjoyed in a group.  Choose one together!

고기 – BBQ set menu

Fresh meat grilled at the table. Served with a range of vegetable side dishes, dipping sauces, soup and rice.  Everything you need for an authentic Korean BBQ.

Choose 1 serving of meat per person.

  • 삼겹살 – Samgyeopsal – Pork Belly
  • 목살 – Moksal – Pork Shoulder
  • 쇠 불고기 – Bulgogi – Marinated Beef
  • 반찬 – A range of vegetable side dishes (changed regularly) 
  • 된장찌개 – Soybean soup OR 김치찌개 – Kimchi stew
  • 계란찜 – Steamed Eggs
  • 공기밥 – Plain rice

닭갈비 – Dak Galbi set menu

Chicken in a spicy Korean marinade stir fried at the table with cabbage, sweet potato, carrots and glutinous rice cakes.  Finish the meal with rice fried with the leftovers – pure heaven!

  • 닭갈비 – Spicy chicken and vegetable stir fry
  • 반찬 – Selection of vegetable side dishes (changed regularly) 
  • 볶음밥 – Fried rice (served after main course)

김치찌개 – Kimchi Jiggae (soup) set menu

A hearty soup, or ‘Korean stew’ made with kimchi and meaty chunks of pork, cooked in a big copper pot at the table.  A slightly spicy and addictive soup that’s perfect for chillier days!  We serve ours with our homemade Korean omelet roll and a range of vegetable side dishes.

  • 김치찌개 – Kimchi Jiggae (soup style stew)
  • 계란말이 – Korean Omelet Roll
  • 반찬 – Selection of vegetable side dishes
  • 공기밥 – Plain rice

전 & 막걸리 – Savoury Pancakes & Rice Wine Set Menu

Traditionally enjoyed as a drinking snack after hiking and on rainy days, you can enjoy our ‘jeon’ (savoury pancake) set menu anytime.  With crispy edges and moreish fillings of spring onion, kimchi and seafood.  We serve ours with a bottle of Korean makgeolli – a traditional rice wine.  (Cooked in our kitchen and served to the table)

  • 해물파전 – Spring Onion & Seafood Pancake
  • 김치해물전 – Kimchi & Seafood Pancake
  • 막걸리 – Makgeolli Rice Wine
  • 반찬 – Selection of vegetable side dishes

술 음료수 – Alcohol & Drinks

  • 맥주 – Hite – Korean Beer best
  • 소주 – Soju – Korean vodka best
  • 막걸리 – Makgeoli – Korean rice wine best
  • 콜라, 사이다 – Cola, Sprite

Hungry now?  Contact us to cater for your next event or party!